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President Obama faces scrutiny, apologizes for healthcare plan promise


“If you like your healthcare plan, you’ll be able to keep your healthcare plan, period,” President Barack Obama said in 2009.

Well, unless you’re one of the millions who will lose their plans because they don’t meet the Affordable Care Act’s requirements.

After putting the quote mentioned above on a loop seemingly everyday, Republicans added gasoline to a fire of hatred toward the Obama administration that was already raging out of control from the botched rollout.

Many news outlets released information about the cancellations:
CBS News reported 2 million cancellations Oct. 29.
The Associated Press reported more than 3.5 million Nov. 4.
Fox News reported more than 4.2 million Nov. 7.

More and more fingers began to point toward Obama and the 30-plus times he mentioned how Americans can keep their doctors and plans if they wanted.

The president apologized a few days later to the people who lost policies.

Insurance companies jumped on the opportunity to hike up costs. Most of the cancellation letters sent to former customers never mentioned the ObamaCare exchange and left them with an ultimatum of paying double for the same coverage or drop their insurance completely.

The Obama administration faced a lot of scrutiny from the healthcare rollout. However, the president mentioned he was “confident” that the “glitches” would be fixed by Nov. 30.

Then again, he was confident no one would lose their insurance plans either.


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